About the Award

Established in 1996, the Parker/Gentry Award honors an outstanding individual, team or organization in the field of conservation biology whose efforts have had a significant impact on preserving the world's natural heritage and whose actions and approach can serve as a model to others. The Award is designed to highlight work that could benefit from wider publicity and fuller dissemination of scientific results.

The Parker/Gentry Award is made possible by a generous gift from an anonymous donor and is presented annually by The Field Museum. 

Video produced by Steve Delahoyde of Delahoyde Projects with Lex Winter and Ellen Woodward of the Field Museum.

Thank you to John Bates, Michael Dillon, Debra Moskovits, Nigel Pitman, Tom Schulenberg, Doug Stotz, and Corine Vriesendorp.

Thank you to the Macaulay Library at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology for permission to use Ted Parker’s audio recordings of birds.

All photos and footage © Field Museum with the following exceptions:

1. Ted Parker recording, 1988 along Rio Heath on the Peru-Bolivia border. Ken Rosenberg.
2. Jaó - Crypturellus undulatus (Undulated Tinamou). Retrieved from https://wwwflickr.com/photos/luizmrocha/45515964662/in/photolist-2cm6dxq-6Lfhwo-6Lb8Nt-6Lb8Ge-6LfhFb-6LfhJQ-2i4m7ky-6Lfhnf-5THscp-bvs824/. Luiz Carlos Rocha.
3. Birds of Peru cover and illustration plates. Princeton Nature.
4. Ted Parker recording. Haroldo Castro/Viajologia.com.
5. Ted Parker recording at Explorer’s Inn in southeastern Peru in January 1978. Paul Donahue.
6. James Aronson and Al Gentry. Michael Dillon.
7. Al Gentry with stitches. Michael Dillon.
8. A Field Guide to Woody Plants of Northwest South America (Colombia, Ecuador, Peru) cover. University of Chicago Press.
9. Al Gentry with team in Cerro Colán, Peru. Michael Dillon.
10. Al Gentry and team with capparis spinosa plant. Michael Dillon.
11. Al Gentry with Michael Dillon and team in Cerro Colán, Peru. Michael Dillon.
12. Al Gentry with team at rest stop in La Peca, Peru. Michael Dillon.
13. “Theodore Parker, Alwyn Gentry, Biologists, Die in Airplane Crash” by Ronald Sullivan. Printed in the New York Times, August 6, 1993.
14. Ted Parker and Al Gentry in helicopter. Kim Awbrey.
15. David Vaughan, 2016 awardee. Courtesy of David Vaughan.