2020 Michael Goulding

Michael Goulding

Michael Goulding, PhD is one of the world’s leading experts on Amazonian rivers and their biodiversity. He is an “in-the-river” scientist who is helping change our largely terrestrial view of conservation to one that puts rivers at the center. He pulls together multiple disciplines and collaborators across the Amazon basin to understand historical patterns, identify current concerns, and make recommendations for the future.

Michael holds a PhD from UCLA, has worked for more than 30 years in the Amazon, and is currently an aquatic ecologist with the Wildlife Conservation Society. He has published books for the general public about the Amazon’s sprawling river system and the rich life it supports, and has been a driving force on a slew of peer-review articles that champion a basin-wide approach to understanding reproduction of Amazonian food fishes, especially long-distance migrants. His efforts have led to new approaches to Amazon conservation, focusing on its aquatic life.

Rio Negro flooded forest